Customer Testimonials for Volvo Car Repair and Service Center

“My car was suffering from a check engine light that had me worried,but once I brought it to Import Auto Service, there team of expert technicians were able to diagnosis the problem and kind enough to explain what was wrong with my car and what was done to correct the problem, they kept me updated with the status of the car as well as provided estimates for all the work needed”

“ I bought a 2001 BMW M5 which I thought was in good running condition. Little did I know the check engine light was cut in order to hide the problem. I took the car to a repair shop which told me that the problem was in the vanos, a $2,000 part which I had them replace. But the problem continued and worsened, I was told it was repairable and that my car would be fine. I took the car to Import Auto Service and they diagnosed and troubleshooted the problem and notified me that the problem was in the wiring not the part I had replaced. They saved me a lot of time and money but also gained my trust because of there honesty and integrity”

“Great shop!! Highly trustworthy, been coming here since they opened and followed them when they moved to there new location”

“Great to see a value and family oriented shop”

“Ranjit’s guys are really nice. I take my 2001 S80 in for a scheduled maintenance as well as all other types of work needed. I even started bringing my Ford explorer to him cause I know he can fix any car I bring him! His team is very courteous, and even give me a ride home or pick me up if they don’t have a loaner car available.”